Welcome to Sober Ranch

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs
We specialize in helping the chronic relapser. With many years of experience, our staff at Sober Ranch utilizes the most effective processes for putting addiction to rest permanently. Our greatest assets are our excellent staff, our location, and our length of stay options.

  • Affordable Rehabilitation
  • CAADAC Certified Counselors
  • Safe Remote Location
  • Secure Grounds with Regular Testing
  • 12 Step Program Integration
  • Varying Program Length Options
  • Individually Tailored Treatment
  • Expert Help for the Chronic Relapser
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Unique Holistic Treatment Options

  • Culturally Competent Native American Recovery Track
  • General Spiritual Track
  • Christian Based Track

Secure Location
Being 65 miles from San Diego, 7 miles from the nearest paved road and 5 miles climbing a dirt road to reach the Ranch allows us the ideal setting to remove the temptations that so often plague those struggling with being in the vicinity of drugs and alcohol.